About us

Based in Fremantle, West Coast Pilots is WA’s largest multi-port marine pilot service provider. The company has steadily grown since establishment in 2003 and currently provides marine pilot services to 9 different ports and facilities throughout Western Australia.

Originally established to provide opportunities for local mariners to enter the marine pilot profession, West Coast Pilots has developed into an important maritime service provider in the state. For over a decade, West Coast Pilots has proven to be a safe, reliable and efficient provider of marine pilotage services. Unique in a pilot company in Australia, West Coast Pilots has extensive experience in, and currently provides marine pilots to, almost every type of port and marine facility including; barge trans-shipment operations, general cargo and bulk loading ports and offshore oil and gas installations.

West Coast Pilots has a long and proud history of excellence in marine pilot provision in Western Australia. The company is committed to continued growth in order to provide opportunities to local maritime professionals in pilotage. It will continue its client-focused philosophy whilst maintaining safe, efficient and professional marine pilotage services.