<p>Georgia Newstead,<br />
Shark Bay Salt Pty Ltd/Onslow Salt Pty Ltd</p>

Georgia Newstead,
Shark Bay Salt Pty Ltd/Onslow Salt Pty Ltd

"West Coast Pilots have continually provided professional and reliable marine pilotage services to both our Solar Marine Salt export facilities in Onslow and Shark Bay for many years. West Coast Pilot's have always employed and trained professional and reliable Pilots, and their efficient services, maritime advice and assistance has always been appreciated and proven to be an integral part of SBS's smooth shipping operations at both our ports"

<p>Andrew Thomson,<br />
Mount Gibson Iron Limited</p>

Andrew Thomson,
Mount Gibson Iron Limited

“We have had a long association with West Coast Pilots providing our pilotage and related services at Koolan Island.  We have found them to continually provide professional services to meet our needs. On occasions when there have been any concerns they have been quick to respond with open communication such that we are able to work together to obtain the best outcome for all parties.  We continue our commercial agreement as a result of our satisfaction with the outcomes received”.

<p>Captain Warwick Poulton, Director<br />
Kimberley Pilotage Group Pty Ltd</p>

Captain Warwick Poulton, Director
Kimberley Pilotage Group Pty Ltd

“West Coast Pilots have been an integral part of Kimberley Pilotage Group’s Broome operation since we commenced the marine pilotage service agreement with the Port in 2013. The relief and back-up pilots provided are experienced and well trained, something that is critical in a port such as Broome, with its large tidal ranges. The West Coast Pilots management team also provide efficient and professional administration support, which indicates their many years of experience in managing pilotage operations around Western Australia”