Senior Management

Led by the West Coast Pilots manager, the company’s administration team has extensive experience in managing the difficult logistical task of ensuring our marine pilots are on location when required by our clients. West Coast Pilots senior management has experience in regulatory training and licensing requirements, an important aspect of safe and efficient marine pilot operations.

Management is able to draw on the extensive experience of the board and pilot group, including the company’s Offshore and Onshore Pilot Representatives, who provides invaluable advice on all offshore oil and gas and onshore operational matters .

Andrew Melville - General Manager

Raised in Perth, Andrew worked in South East Asia and the Middle East for twenty-six years prior to joining West Coast Pilots. He has extensive experience in senior management roles within the maritime and offshore oil and gas industries in these regions. Andrew’s high level exposure to the marketing, commercial, contractual, OH&S and operational requirements of a number marine service organisations means he is highly suited to lead West Coast Pilots during a period of growth and diversification. Andrew is client focused and has strong communications skills.

Captain John McColl - Offshore Representative

After a career at sea as a Deck officer and Master in product oil tankers, John joined the Offshore Oil and Gas sector serving on FPSO’s in Timor Sea and NW Australia. From 1993 to 2009 he served as Master and Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) on FPSO’s with BHP Petroleum. Since 2010 John has been piloting offtake tankers at various FPSO and SPM installations in the region. As the company’s Offshore Representative, John has a key role in advising clients regarding off take mooring systems, operations and pilotage needs.

Captain Rod Silvester - Onshore Representative

Rod began his sea going career some 23 years ago as a Merchant Seaman gaining experience on a wide variety of vessels. Commitment, dedication and hard work saw him work his way up through the ranks to Captain. He has been a Marine Pilot with West Coast Pilots since 2012 and currently holds a Pilot Licence for all Onshore Ports that West Coast provides pilotage for. Rod has specialised in Bulk Curriers for the past 14 years of his career which continues to be advantageous to our clients.

Sharon Mackay – Accounts

Sharon began her working career in accounts before transferring over to administration, sales analysis and costing. Sharon joined the West Coast Pilots team in 2011 and provides administrative support for management and pilots, client invoicing, supplier payments and purchasing.  Sharon provides valuable assistance to the company accountant in the production of annual financial statements. Sharon is often the first point of contact for clients and pilots and is an important member of the administration team.